Millions of people lost today 

Millions of people lost today so a few politicians would not lose face.  They were not trying to pass a better bill.  They had to pretend they were. They passed a bill to prove they could pass a bill after their initial efforts made them look like bumbling fools.  They hurt thousands and thousands of their own constituents to prove they made a good choice in electing them and that they deserved their voted next time around. 

This bill is like moving the entire country to Flint Michigan and telling them not to worry that it is safe to drink the water. 

It fails on so many levels.  They don’t even really know what it does.  The only real question is not whether or not not it will destroy people but in the end how many. 

The Senate has yet to move and I wonder how many people voted yes because they had faith the Senate had enough adults to make a difference.  I suspect several. 

This bill fails on every level.  It is cruelty as civic virtue and supposed political victory.  It is as if they catologued every way to hurt vulnerable people and then decided to check each one off in their bill. 

We need to talk to our Senators and make sure they understand that being an adult is an option.  Everything rides on it now. 


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