Donald Trump is a dishonor to this country.   

His administration is filled with people who know little about running this country and less than that about this country.   For the most part they are the ultra rich who have played the system and profited at the expense of ordinary people their entire lives.   They are the special interests   The swamp has moved to the White House.  

The only thing that most of them share is an investment in the destruction of the departments they are supposed to be running.   

Trump uses every opportunity to bill the American people for every penny he can.   His weekly golf vacations will soon cost more than 4 years of other presidents.  

 The only skill he has mastered is lying.   He tells huge,  ridiculous lies that a child would do better than and when confronted just calls names.   More than any other public figure I am aware of he just calls names.  

 He is revered among the Nazis but increasingly distrusted by ordinary Americans.   His temper is legendary and every American leaves in fear of the day he will decide to teach someone a lesson by going to war with them. 

  He understands next to nothing about how this country works.   He is a danger both to the integrity of the judicial and legislative branches.   He thinks CEO and president are the same thing and anybody who disagrees with how he does things should be fired.   

His agenda is poisonous and cruel to ordinary Americans.   He would destroy access to health care for those who need it the most.   He would take away housing and many other programs that benefit people in need.   Many of his policies are little more than giveaways to the rich.   

Maybe most important he is supporting the most aggressive plundering of the environment ever imaginable. Almost without exception he is robbing the planet of every protection we have tried to put into place.  

 He is self centered and grandiose.   He lies almost by reflex.   His judgment is poor.   His ability to manage himself is suspect let alone manage this country.  He is ignorant and stupid in the demands of his job.   He is not a good man and would hurt this country to advance himself.

Now he has fired the man in charge of the investigation into his ties with Russia. His election was the major mistake made by the American people in my lifetime and I pray each day my grandson will not be left with a world ruined by him. 

We are left in the middle of a national nightmare.  He seems to be willing to do anything, tell any lie to protect himself.  Ordinary people every day question his sanity, his integrity and his intelligence and wonder where all this can end.  His party seems to be willing to accept and paper over anything he does to maintain their power.  

Can or will anyone draw a line that matters?  I don’t know.  At one time both LBJ and Nixon seemed invulnerable but events showed different.  I am looking for signs of courage from the Republicans but so far only see convenience. 

Trump is a greater danger than all the terrorists in the world.  He poses a real danger to so many people.  His ideas, his policies, his actions can only destroy. 

I am almost 66 years old and never remember vaguely feeling this way.  I don’t really know what to do or what to say. 

I hope the United States of America has a good day again soon.  Real soon.  Before there are no more good days to be had. 


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