Pro-living and doing democracy 

I do not understand how you can be pro-life and not pro-living.  People who would die in the fight to defend someone’s right to birth often seem unwilling to defend that same person’s living. People everywhere who seem most adamant about the rights of the unborn too often seem to care little for the rights of the living to life sustaining resources.  Congressmen who rail about Planned Parenthood also loudly denounce the idea that the poor  should have access to food, to housing, to health care.  It is a through the looking glass world.  

We are faced with perhaps the greatest anti-living agenda in my life time.  The Republicans have since 2007 been preparing to make the world right again.  The agenda of Donald Trump aims to do just that.  In health care, housing, food, education, financial welfare, protection of human rights, protection of the environment, a government based on integrity and its responsibilities to its people it is a life killer.  It is the greatest attack on the quality of life and the possibility of building a better  life for ordinary people in my life time. 

The greatest defense has been the inability of Donald Trump to display even the most basic competence in how to lead this country.  He has brought us to the point of constitutional crisis in 4 months.  He has been a living monument to the incompetence of evil.  But the challenge still remains.  The danger is real and while the special prosecutor may in the long term be the end of Trump in the short term he may buy him some room to breathe. 

The Republicans whether it is because of the bumbling of Trump or their own inability to agree with each other have been impotent.  Seldom have people in charge done so little or complained so much. 

There has been in the midst of this the rise of people who believe democracy is a process and not a product and that it  only survives if we redo it each and every day.  Voices have been raised.  People have stood tall.  Republicans thought they would win all the battles and have found they have started the war. 

The main question of our time is to what extent are we as a people going to be pro-living.  To what extent will we protect the right and access of others to  life sustaining activities?  To what extent do we write off some people as just being “one of those people” and to what extent do we realize the true index of our moral character is to stand for those no one else stands for or who can’t stand for themselves? 

To be pro-living requires us to do democracy each and every day, even when it is not easy or the odds against seem strong.  The challenge of that will be the verdict on us all. 


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