On Memorial Day

On Memorial Day

Truth is not the enemy of those who live with honor.

Nor is compassion a threat to those who care.

Memory is not a problem for those who tell the truth

Nor is knowledge a threat to those that seek it.

Values get in the way of those who think only of themselves.

And power is God to those that think they are God.

If we would honor those that died

Then let us do so with the way we live.

If a country is worth their death

Is it not also worth our commitment.

If people have a right to life

Do they not also have a right to livimg

Should not the hungry eat

The sick be cared for in their pain

The homeless  have shelter

Should we not be free from the fear

Of what others might say about the

Way we look,  the way we talk,  the faith

And values we hold dear?

Are we not diminished in important ways

By injustice done to our neighbors?

On this day of celebrating the sacrifices

Of so many

Let us commit to the sacrifices ahead

And build on what so many have given

To make this country honor

The best it can be.


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