When Trump speaks

Most people talk about a variety of subjects. 

Everytime Donald Trump speaks he only speaks about one subject….. Him. 

Every word that comes out of his mouth is about how great he is, how smart he is, how great of a leader he  is, how everything would be better if people only listened to him, and how unfair and unprincipled the people against him are. 

He is a show off, a show boat whose only tactic is to use his platform to tout a credibility never earned and accomplishments never accomplished.  He is the 5th grader whose parents worry if he will ever grow up and whose peers cringe whenever he starts talking about his favorite subject…. Him. 

His most recent exploit was to use the tragedy in London as a made to order opportunity to promote his political agenda and his leadership skills.  He used death as an opportunity for political points. 

It is cheap.  It is a no class maneuver to exploit the tragedies of other people for your own advancement. 

And he doesn’t know it.  If he does he doesn’t care. 

Donald Trump’s idea of making America great again is to make sure America makes him great. 


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