The day before Comey

By any measure as Donald Trump is both a disaster and a tragedy.  He is in far above his head as president.  He doesn’t understand how the government works and his administration is an exercise in nothingness.  Given what he would like to do it is probably some blessing that he doesn’t really know how to do anything.

 He postures obsessively.  The only thing more noteworthy than his lack of anything he how much he braggs about everything.  The reality is that the president has no clothes and is obsessed with telling everyone how well dressed he is. 

He is a tragedy for this country. He seems content to brand this country as a Trump property but little else. He threatens the rule of law and the possibility of justice. 

 Many, many people need this government to work for them.  They have needs, challenges and problems Donald Trump could address.  He seems oblivious to all but his ego.  His presidency has real life consequences for real life people and that has not received the weight or importance due it. 

 And tomorrow the former director of the FBI is going to detail how the president of the United States tried to obstruct justice and is little more than a crook. 

 The man who would make America great had made it a joke and a punchline on a Saturday night show.  He should be ashamed but seems incapable of that.  I hope he is held fully accountable for his actions but tonight I grieve for a country that Donald Trump will never understand.  We have been wounded and the process of recovery will not be immediate if at all. How can a man who thinks America is simply one more brand in his empire ever understand that her greatness is in her goodness and the promise to often unrealized to provide a better life to all its people.


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