Post Comey 

Donald Trump you have lost this country.  You are widely regarded as a liar.  The Republicans make excuses for you.  The Democrats believe there is none.  You are viewed as credible about nothing.  There is no evidence that you know enough about any issue or policy to discuss it let alone propose if.  You lack attention to detail and discipline and frankly don’t seem very interested in even learning what you are talking about.  Your speeches are all based on the convenience of what makes you look good at the moment.  You disregard facts and misrepresent the truth chronically.  The only thing you promote is yourself often to the detriment of the people of this country.  You have no idea how to be president and don’t seem much inclined to learn how.  Your administration is ethically challenged and consistently betrays the trust of the people of this country.  Your stated policy agenda will destroy millions of people.  You support taking health insurance away from 23,000,000 people as a needed improvement in this country.  You have pursued a foreign policy based on knowing nothing and being  proud of it.  This country, the people, the children are not safe with you in command.  You see the destruction of our environment as fake news and the profits of you and your rich friends as being all that is real. You ran a campaign based on hate and division. You succeeded because you were more skilled than your opponents in calling names and more skilled at playing to the fears of a hurting people.  You won because your Twitter account became the newest national reality TV show.  You are committed to nothing other than yourself.  You have serious problems managing your own impulses let alone the affairs of this country.  You are a loser and I pray each night for the resiliency of this country and for the courage of a people who must fight for the country they love.


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