The Better Care Reconciliation Act: Death and destruction in 142 pages

The article linked above explains the catastrophe as well as anything I have found this morning. 

The primary message is to call and call.  And then call again.  Let your Senators know.  You cannot be heard if you don’t speak.  Don’t let this be an easy vote.  Too many people have tried too hard for so many.  Don’t let it go quietly.  Someone you love, someone you care about will be effected.  The wound this will leave on this country will be deep and the bleeding profuse.  Speak.  Speak loudly.  And speak even louder. 

1.  This bill will roll back medicaid expansion.  Millions of people will be hurt.  Too many will die.  In the Republican quest for victory they will be seen as acceptable casualties. 

2.  The rest of the Medicaid budget will be cut considerably.  Eligibility, benefits, payments to providers will all  be cut.  It will become even more dangerous to be poor and be sick.  Some people will have an asterisk next to their name denoting disposable. 

3. Subsidies will be less for less comprehensive plans with higher deductibles.  The only one protected will be insurance companies.  Health insurance will cost more and more of a person’s income.  Bread or medicine will be a real choice for many. 

4. States will be able to end the essential health care benefits.  Protecting prexisting conditions mean nothing if they don’t have to offer the services to pay for them.  The sick and disabled are screwed. 

5.  Mental health services, maternity care, drug addiction services are among many things that states can opt out of.  We may choose not to pay for help but we will pay for the consequences of that lack of help.  This is simply mean and cruel. 

5. There will be no individual mandate.  Without a way to get less expensive people in the market it will collapse.  Premiums will go through the roof.  Trump will have his death spiral.  Real deaths. 

6. Money will go back to the wealthy which seems to be the point of the whole thing. 

There is more… A lot more. 

Only in the United States can  you increase the dead and dying, fill the pockets of the rich and call it health care reform and then try to justify it by talking about how much you care about ordinary people. 



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