Tracy Foster still has no insurance

Tracy Foster is my friend.  She has cancer of the wrong spot.  She has bladder cancer and in Tennessee if you are  female and have cervical or breast cancer you qualify for Medicaid.  She lives in excruciating pain every day.  She is never sure about the next day. 

By everything I know she is a hero.  She is a warrior for health care justice in Tennessee.  She has fought for years even under the worst of personal circumstances.  She has been to the speaker’s office.  She has been there. 

I still remember the day at the Tennessee state legislature when a committee of a few men killed medicaid expansion and she asked me if she was going to die. 

She got a hospital to agree to some care when they read about her in the paper but that doesn’t come close to what she needs. Her insurance company is gofundme.  Every time I think about it I am left in a rage. 

Until a few months ago she was homeless.  Her sister kept her from being on the street. 

She had applied for disability but social security has told her to get a job.  Her lawyer told her today it may take 18-24 months for the process to be resolved. 

She doesn’t know how to make it.  She is a mother.  She is a new grandmother. This is a better world with her in it.  When I listen to Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell I wonder how many Tracy Foster’s there are about to be.  I wonder how many there are are right now. 

Tracy deserves to live.  In a decent world she deserves to live.  

Linked above are four previous posts on Hopeworks Community about Tracy.  Each of them has a link to her gofundme account.  If you can she can use some help.  She could use some prayer, some support.  Please share this post with others.  Let people know there is a Tracy Foster. 

She is a good person.  We don’t have enough good people.  Please help. 


One thought on “Tracy Foster still has no insurance ”

  1. I will help if I can. You are thoughtful and caring to share! I wish her many blessings. It is so wrong that she must depend on gofundme instead of proper healthcare insurance!

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