The third largest city in the state…. Fill up the gap

Insure Tennessee

Hopeworks Community

The task force says there are 400,000 of us.

We are the third largest city in the state.

We would fill Neyland Stadium 4 times over. Hand in hand we would stretch over 227 miles.

There is no shortage of tragedy in our city. People die earlier. Many suffer horribly. Everyone would like to move. No one really ever does.

We are “in the gap” but we did more than fall in there. We live there. Each day is a silent prayer for good health for this day and hope that one day there will be no gap. Ground will be level and medical care no longer something we heard about and something we wish we had but an every day reality.

This past year they told us to be quiet and wait till next year maybe. But many of us can no longer wait and I don’t know if…

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