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I met him after he had already died 3 times.

He was only 16  but had been an alcoholic for a hundred years.  He knew there was  a time before booze.  He just didnt remember it.  His father had died in prison when he was 13 from a body alcohol destroyed.  Alcohol defined his life.  He was sure it would define his death.

He found out later when the emt’s found him his alcohol level was 5 or 6 times the legal limit.  His heart had stopped.  They hit him with the paddles and he started to breath again.  Then he died again.  And again they started his heart and again he died.  And finally they tried one more time.  “And he lived.

He told me about the terror he had of himself.  “No one will ever understand how much I like being drunk….. Once I…

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