On quieting the noise to hear the song


Hopeworks Community

We sometimes mistake the volume of life for the melody of it.

Loud things grab our attention.  They demand our energy and time.  Urgency seduces and pulls us into directions we later regret.  We do what we “have to do”  and hope we will finally get to do what we want to do.

We look at others and wonder why their life is not so loud.  Why do they seem to have so much flavor to their lives and we have to settle for the same meal…time after time after time.

After a time we start to wonder if there is anything else to hear.  Where is the song, the melody that makes a difference?

The hardest thing is to hear something else other than the noise.  You feel sunken in it with no ability to rise to something else.  And you feel so cheated…..so angry…. and so no good.

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