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What poor people know 


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1.) Raises are never enough to matter.

2.) People don’t really eat 3 meals a day in real life.

3.) Other people believe they are lazy and are poor for fun.

4.) Every time there is a an unexpected expense you are screwed. There are always unexpected expenses.

5.) Getting to the point where you actually live payday to payday is major progress.

6.) Rich people believe that poor people make taking care of poor people far more difficult and expensive than it should be.

7.) Many people who are not poor believe poor people caused poverty.

8.) You must always know how much toilet paper is left till the end of the month.

9.) Clothes are what you wear until it falls apart.

10.) If you find something that is cheap to eat you eat it a lot and are thankful you can afford something you like.

11.) When…

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