A good bye of sorts 

This is an old post.. Still I fear too accurate. I hope events will prove me very wrong

Hopeworks Community

As things stand right now this will be my last “movement” post. My role had been very small and I doubt that my presence will be much missed but I really wanted to tell some people who have been very kind to me thank you and not just fade mysteriously away.

Hopeworks Community will continue and some of what I post I hope will continue to be of some interest to the people in this “movement” and if that is so I hope you will continue to read. For some time now I have had increasing doubts as to whether or not this movement makes or is likely to make a difference. And recently I have begun to have doubts whether or not being involved is me taking care of me. By and large I have no serious complaints with the way I have been treated. I think most people…

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