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On marriage… A thousand and one things make a difference



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A thousand and one things make a difference in marriage….

(A very partial list)

Notice good things about each other.  A lot.

  Dont keep it a secret.  The more you tell people thank you the easier it is to be thankful.

Never let a disagreement be the measure of the character of the person you love.

Never let the refusal to disagree be the measure of your character.

Be honest, but be kind.  We can tolerate many things in life.  Most of us though have a real problem with someone being hateful particularly when they tell you that they are only hateful because they really love you.

Be generous with attention.  Lovers shouldnt have to work for it.

Have a short memory for hurt feelings. 

Treasure appreciation.

Know that loving someone doesnt mean they will never mess up.  Give them the same grace you hope they will give you.

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