Seizures by Linda Drain

From Linda

Hopeworks Community

Seizures- My Experience

The spirit has occupied my mind again,
It’s telling me I’m some place I’m not.
My thoughts are fragmented,
My concentration broken,
But I keep pressing on
I hear conversation but it’s not sinking in.
I hear talking only as noise in my head.
I stare at whatever or whoever is there.
Not meaning to be rude, I’m just off somewhere.

My eyes flutter quickly now
Their rhythm so fast,
It’s one more distraction
I just want it to quit.
I try to keep talking or busy somehow
I tell myself to keep on.
Often I ask myself “Why is this happening? When will it stop?”
But I know I already know.
If I’m smart I sit down
When I’m stubborn Ill fall.
Sometimes faith gets me nothing at all.

My body starts trembling
My arms and legs first,
I can’t fight any longer
I have to…

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