Leaving 2017.  The coming of a new year….. 

It was a year. It was the 4th year of separation from Linda. 
 It will not be the last. 

It was a year of heartbreak,  of misery and trauma, of fear and tears.

It was also a year of blessing, of promise, of support and care. 

It was a year of problems that each seemed the end of the world and of blessings that gave new life and hope. 

It was a year of change and a year of staying the same.

It was year of Donald Trump.  So much changed with him. He sought to make anger and hate common sense and left many wondering if anything would make sense again.  He tried to base his power on the things that separated us and we found that a people who couldn’t stand each other perhaps didn’t stand for as much as they would like to.

It was a year of health care and doing democracy.  Thousands of people told their representatives that they would get no free pass for violence done to the most vulnerable of us in the name of political convenience or personal ambition. 

It was a year of Republicans who without an adult in the room for the first time in 8 years to complain about found themselves having a hard time articulating anything they were for they were actually for.

Bluster and posturing came to define the limits of our leaders.  It became more dangerous to be poor, to be disabled, to be old or to be different in any way.  It became more dangerous for the planet earth.

I changed.  Maybe all of us did.  I became political in a way I never thought possible. There have been presidents I despaired of. Trump was more.  He terrified me. 

My personal life was war and struggle.  There were times I just didn’t want to fight.  I didn’t win.  Survival was sometimes my victory. 

It was a year of a car.  I had given up.  I walked and rode the bus.  I never thought it would be different.  A kind person gave me hope.  And I had a car.  

It was a year of a move for Linda.  She was 25 miles away again.  Gas money or the lack of gas money defined life.  I went as long as 2 weeks without seeing Linda.  Gas became more important than food.

Linda’s health went to hell.  Seizures defined more and more.  It became dangerous for her to live alone.  It still seems impossible that she will ever live  in another way.  She got hurt bad three times in seizures.  Now they are taking about more more brain surgery. 

For the first time my health mattered.  I broke a knee and a foot.  My blood pressure went from being safe to a major threat.  I still remember how mad my doctor looked when it was 222/111.

I just felt older.  

It was a year of Cagle Terrace.  I found life I never knew was possible.  People came to Cagle to die.  It was the worst of what it meant to be poor and old. 

There were real blessings.  My children are growing up and doing better in life.  There was Tobin 

There was so many people who tried to support in so many ways.  I can never say thank you enough. 

The year ended with my best Christmas ever.  I am so glad this year is over.  But I am so grateful it ended in this way. 

I am ready for a new year.  I hope the new year brings only the best to you and yours. 

God bless. 


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