I met Joshua Williams tonight

I met Joshua Williams tonight.

He is running for Congress from Knoxville.

He saw the story on CNN about Linda and me and he wanted to talk. More than anything he wanted listen.

I told him about Linda and what the last 5 years had been like. We talked about being old and poor in the United States and I told him what life had become for so many people I knew. We talked for a couple of hours. We talked about my experience at RAM on Saturday morning. He didn’t think that Healthcare should be brutal or require an ordeal to access care.

We talked about healthcare and how Tennessee could have been different if medicaid expanded. I told him about people I knew that had simply run out of wait.

And he listened. He gave up a couple hours of his time for one person, one ordinary person who had no money to give or power to trade. He listened because for him I thought it was about what he could give and not what he got.

He is running because he thinks we can do better, be better. He does not think it is foolish to expect decency and honesty from the people who represent you. He thinks change is not overnight. He didn’t promise anything or make any huge claims. I got the feeling he listens to people and I don’t know if he realizes how much he says when he does.

It was a very good night for me. He wasn’t in a hurry and powerful people always seem in a hurry to me. He is scared I think of where this country is going and he thinks democracy is worth doing.

I liked him. It is time to have a politician who is first a person who thinks that should be the most obvious thing about him.

I felt welcome tonight. Knoxville needs something more. We have for a long time.

I plan to vote for Josh for office. I hope you will too. I think he is willing to try. He cares and I think he can make Knoxville a better place with that caring.

Joshua Williams is his name. I hope you will try to find out more about him. It is time once again to feel some hope in the people we select to lead us and in the future of this country.


One thought on “I met Joshua Williams tonight”

  1. Larry, Thank you so much for meeting with me. Thanks too for this beautifully written piece. I am honored and humbled by your support.
    I hope to see you again soon

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