Please help. A letter to AARP

Dear AARP,

The link attached tells the story of my wife Linda and myself. It was shown recently on CNN. Perhaps you saw it.

Linda and I have been the victim of social security regulations that have left us with no choice but to separate in order to keep the medical benefits she needs to live. I don’t think we are alone. What I have found since it happened to us is that tens of thousands of older Americans are in the same boat. Over 4 million people saw our story and we got comment after comment from people who had similar experiences or who knew somebody that it had happened to.

We I retired and took social security we were told that we “made way too much money.” Our combined income between my retirement and Linda’s SSI left us still below poverty level but we made “too much money”????

In order to save the money they would spend on Linda’s SSI social security would have us separate after 35 years of marriage and leave her in incredible poverty and alone and facing a very dangerous medical situation.

The doctors tell her that she needs a medical caretaker. I asked social security about it and was told that would be fraud. They would look on me being there as an attempt to get around the law.

She is doing worse since the story. Seizures are getting worse. She has been hurt bad more than once. The doctors are talking about another brain surgery but there are a lot of hurdles to get past to make that happen.

Social security is legally against the marriage of older people. Surely you have heard similar feedback from others. It is wrong. It is an injustice this country should be ashamed of and no longer tolerate.

AARP should be aware of this issue if they are not. They should be leading the fight. I hope you will watch our story. If you need further information please contact us.

Please help.

Yours truly,

Larry and Linda Drain


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