They came and got Mike today

3 police cars.

Mike has lived at Cagle Terrace for longer than me.

He left Vietnam many years ago. Vietnam never left him.

They call him “the stomper” behind his back. He can get really scary.

He goes back. He really goes back. When he goes up and down the hallway screaming about his regiment and the battle he is getting ready to fight you feel his panic and sometimes his rage.

He has threatened more than one person and most people think he is dangerous. The police have come more than once and he has been hurt more than once.

I remember the night last summer where me and him sat at the picnic table and talked. He wanted to kill somebody that night and for two hours I tried to help him find a safe place. He told me about the people he had killed and talked about knowing people were try to kill you. He came back that night and there were no police.

The police were taking him off as I got home today. I don’t know exactly what happened. It had been a couple of months since the last time. Someone told me it was bad but nobody got hurt. Somebody else said “… It was just the stomper.”

I was just sad. All of us have left places that have never left us.

I tried to remember the night at the picnic table. I hope Mike finds a safe place soon.


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