Opening Mental Hospitals Unlikely to Prevent Mass Shootings


One thought on “Opening Mental Hospitals Unlikely to Prevent Mass Shootings”

  1. Of course, this will do nothing to reduce the mass murders/shootings, and no one believes that. The point is to strip away more rights from people with psychiatric labels, while also promoting the lie about how dangerous they (or rather, we) are

    We are coming closer and closer to what the Nazis did to the German “mental patients” in the 1930’s. Let us not forget that we were the first group targeted by HItler to be killed, with the enthusiastic support of the German psychiatric profession.

    Mean while most of our people are babbling about how if only we have meaningless discussions like Harvard seminars, we will convince the better class of people how we are the good guys. It is not a coincidence that as the only human rights movement that does nothing but talk to ourselves, we are the only group whose lives are talked about more and more as expendable.

    Are we all ready to die? Given that we are actually arguing that we don’t need to do anything to defend ourselves, the answer to my question must be yes.

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