The laws of guns

originally written after Las Vegas. More true than ever.

1. The more guns you have the more people die. When you increase the lethality of the actions of angry, impulsive people who think they have the right of retribution towards people or situations they think have wronged them, that some people deserve to be taught a lesson and they should be the person teaching that lesson and that guns and violence somehow increase their potency and importance the more potential you have for tragedy.

2. A corresponding increase in rocks, stones, or other inanimate objects does not cause an increase in murder. The Las Vegas shooter was not the Las Vegas stoner. There have been no mass stonings to death that I am aware of.

3. There is among some people a romanticized vision of what it means to have a gun and use a gun that ignores the tragic realities of gun violence. Too many people see their relationship to guns as key to their sense of identity.

4. Any assessment that does not see the relationship between increased lethality and ever increasing violent behavior is flawed. Violence is often an act of impulsiveness. You can’t change your mind after you pull the trigger.

5. Shooting almost 600 people in 10-12 minutes was not an expression of someone’s constitutional rights nor is the risk of future incidents the price of freedom.

6. Is it just silly for me to think I have the right to not be shot and any country that refuses to see the continual murder of innocents as an issue has lost its claim to moral standing?

7. The continual prayers for the innocent victims of gun violence by people who refuse to do anything about that violence for fear of political repercussions is a hypocritical obscenity.

8. To my knowledge most, if not all mass murderers, have gotten their guns legally. Correct me if I am wrong. Not so worried about them ignoring laws that would protect the innocent. I am not really sure there are any.

9. In real life the checks written by the NRA have more influence than the voices of the people or the rights of the innocent for basic common sense protection from murder.

10. No other country is civilized in the way we are. None of them want to be.

11. The argument that people will get guns anyway so why do anything would have us by that logic legalize drunk driving because people will do it anyway.

12. No one I know is arguing prohibition so all those people urging fear of that need to stop killing straw men.

13. Nothing will change if nothing changes.

14. Probably nothing will change. Short of a crusade nothing will change.

15. Do you really believe that people have the right to acquire the capacity to shoot almost 600 people in 10-12 minutes? What is wrong with you?


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