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Donald says more psychiatric hospitals will keep our children safe


I personally believe that if you make it easy for angry person who thinks about killing people to kill people they will kill people. Giving them the firepower to kill large amounts of people in a short time counts as making it easy.

Donald doesn’t think so. He thinks building more psychiatric hospitals, having more psychiatric beds is the answer. At least he says he thinks that. Who really knows?

I have known a lot of people who have been in psychiatric hospitals. I have known a lot who work in psychiatric hospitals. I have known a lot of psychiatrists in the last years. I have never met one person of any experience that would even begin to agree with him. I don’t know anyone who even takes it as worthy of serious discussion. But Donald thinks it is. He says that murder results from a defiency of psychiatric intervention and we need to remedy that defiency.

The key point about his position is not what it explains but what it justifies. It justified not doing anything about guns. It tells you who to blame, who to be afraid of. It tells you not to worry. Murder is a symptom of mental illness and we can make a difference. And it protects the people (like the NRA) who pay you to protect them.

Trump says we need to take mental health seriously. Really????

1. Taking away the insurance of millions is not taking mental health serious.

2. Turning insurance policies into junk that does not offer mental health benefits as a standard feature is not taking mental health serious.

3. Reducing federal mental health funding is not taking mental health seriously.

4. Using your budget to make it harder for people to find food to eat or a place to live is not taking mental health serious.

5. Further stigmatizing people with mental health diagnoses as being the source of mass murder is not taking mental health serious.

6. Supporting a return to institutionalization, a practice that traumatized, wasted lives, a practice that was torture to millions is not taking mental health serious.

7. Through such support reducing the control people with psychiatric diagnosis have over their own lives is not taking mental health serious.

8. People with psychiatric labels are disproportionately likely to be victims of violence. By refusing to talk about serious issues and making their lives more dangerous that is not taking mental health serious.

9. Prescribing a solution that solves nothing in the long run makes it more likely that those with psychiatric labels will face greater and greater recriminations and restrictions in their future is not taking mental health seriously.

10. Exposing a whole generation of children to the possibility they may face military grade weapons in their hallways and classrooms is not taking mental health serious.

In an endless amount of ways Trump’s ideas are ridiculous. Large scale psychiatric institutions are a dinosaur. They cost too much and require community resources to be robbed to pay for them. The hurt far too many people far too much and are the farthest thing from taking mental health serious. And there is no data I know that says they work, let alone that they cure murder. And like the dinosaurs they will not be back despite how many people preach about the “good old days”.

In a land of people sick of their children being at risk, in a people who increasingly believe constitutional rights have nothing to do with the acquisition of the capacity for large scale murder Trump gives us sound bites and the assurance he would have saved everyone bare handed. It is cheap and hypocritical. We deserve more and it is time for politicians to understand no one will stand down for empty promises, old slogans and hypocritical prayers.

It is time for a change.