Life life on purpose

Slowly I am learning (I am a slow learner) to do the things on purpose that make a better day a better day. Hoping for a better day or looking for the chance of a better day don’t seem to matter much. Be intentional. Do what works, what matters on purpose. There are certainly no guarantees and many exceptions but an awful lot of the time the things that are more likely to happen happen. You cannot control many things that define the momentum of your life but most of us have an unappreciated ability to affect it.

We also know more about success than we give ourselves credit for. The best way to know how to make it a better day is to look at what has made it a better day.

Control the givens in life you can control.

Take care of yourself physically.

Take care of your relationships

Plan something each day that you look forward to.

Covet your values. Honor them. Make them principles you live by.

Learn how to tell when things are getting worse.

Learn what makes bad things better.

Learn skills and knowledge that make an impact in your life.

All these things and many more help to make a day a better day. Find ways to do them on purpose. Success matters.

When nothing works know you are human. Sometimes that is the most important thing we can do. I believe in goals and direction but often the most I can manage is working on one good day in a row. You do the best you can. Have never figured out how to do better.

At the end of the day I can tell rather or not I have good things on purpose. It is no magic pill. Some events just simply overwhelm and each over us. But even in the worst of times, especially in the worst of times, it matters how we take care of ourselves. I know it does for me.

Live life on purpose. It is the simplest hard thing I know.


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